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Fluffy Puffy (Bunnylesque)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a burlesque show, here goes on stage the BUNNYLESQUE! All Puff's love for the fluffy bunnies comes to life in this original show inspired by them and by the beloved Puffy. You'll see the Puff turned into a candid, tender, nice and seductive white bunny. Nothing in the world is puffier!

Wonder Puff

The prissy Puff, around the world with her ancient trunk full of surprises, wearing a stylish hat and an elegant coat which hides a sparkling underwear.
A funny and sensual show with an exquisite retro taste.

To You

A 1930s inspired show. A full glare of seduction through shining crystals and fluttering feathers which decorate Puff's body. A sparkling show in every way, starting from the predominance of gold.

Oh, Miss Puff!

Sensual show in red, in which Veruska Puff appears adorned by an enveloping and sensual dressing gown created by Catherine D'Lish, great diva of burlesque and collaborator of the legendary Dita Von Teese.
A glittering armchair welcomes Puff's forms, pleased to entertain her audience, thanks to a starry tambourine.

Fairy Puff

A fairy with big wings that, dancing on notes of classical music, reveals her body and then makes it shiny thanks to a great powder puff load of glitter.


A lace screen is what Veruska Puff needs to appear and disappear in front of the eyes of the audience, a dress by lace and black and fuchsia feathers will be dropped for a skimpy feather boa.

In the Navy

Puff the sailor is ready to embark with his audience to navigate in the sea of seduction. A rudder, a telescope and a jacket are the tools that will help Puff on board during the seductive journey.

Candy Girl

A funny show that sees Veruska Puff in the shoes of a woman selling candies, character loosely based on the famous cigarette girls in theaters.The show begins with Puff interacting with the audience to whom gives candies, and then continues in a burlesque dance that ends with Veruska Puff dealing with a big candy.

Behind the Fans

One of the most famous burlesque shows: the dance with the great feather fans, that in dance performed by Veruska Puff comes into play in the final to conceal her body. A taste of classic burlesque elegance.

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